This an incredibly powerful way to interact with your guests and provide access to the latest in news, sports, and entertainment like never before in the industry.

CampTek iTV

CampTek iTV (Interactive TV) is a revolutionary way to interact with your remote work camp guests and connect them to the world. CampTek's iTV provides a powerful set of customizable tools and applications to create a unique guest communications solution that delivers an intuitive experience with content tailored to meet your business needs.

CampTek iTV additionally provides you with a valuable sales and promotional channel, enabling you to target and promote your camp and services directly to your guests and generate potential new revenue streams.

You can customize CampTek iTV to uniquely communicate your brand to your guests.

CampTek iTV features:

  • Welcome Screen: Simple navigation allows users to access a huge range of applications, games and entertainment in 6 different languages.
  • Customizable: CampTek enables operators to differentiate their brand. Camp Operators can customize the screen and applications, tailoring the information and personalizing relevant links. Drive your business objectives forward and create new revenue opportunities while increasing guest satisfaction. Operators can customize modules to fit their unique needs including HSE videos, community events, etc.
  • A Single Remote Control: The remote control includes an internet keyboard on the reverse side, gyroscopically interacting with the user interface and automatically pairs with most TV's.
  • CampTek Services: Provides camp guests with an easy, intuitive interface to find answers to frequently asked questions, information regarding all types of camp services and travel information.
  • Personal Messaging: Guests can place orders and/or send requests that are routed to specific emails for fulfillment. The staff can then reply to the request which is displayed on the TV screen through the personal messaging services. Example: technical support, maintenance issues, room or laundry service.
  • Real Time Changes: Information can be changed and broadcast in real-time
  • News and Sports Module: Popular news and sports applications can be added regionally and nationally
  • Weather: Weather Apps provide real time local coverage
  • Mirroring: Content stored on a guest's mobile device can be streamed to the television; features and functionality can be controlled via the connected mobile device. The guest experience is revolutionized as they have the freedom to access content on the device of their choice and operators can re-engage their guests through interaction with them via their mobile devices.
  • Interactive Programming Guide: An interactive TV guide anchors the free-to-guest television programming.

Satellite TV

CampTek's Satellite Television Service offers a +1000 channel universe of programming to meet the wants, needs and interests of your remote work camp employees.

Today's remote work camp guests aren't just looking for a clean and warm living environment, they also expect the type of amenities that they enjoy at home which includes a great selection of digital satellite television programs.

Get adult and international adult programming plus all the major sports action, special events and more.

Pay per View events such as UFC, Movies, and Sporting Events available in recreational areas.

CampTek's interactive programming guide provides camp users with continuously updated menus displaying scheduling information for current and upcoming programming.

camptek entertainment

Flexibility and Convenience

Because CampTek understands that your business needs vary throughout the year, we have created a flexible service with programming packages and pricing that is as flexible as your business. You also get the added convenience of a single bill for all programming to help simplify administration.

CampTek takes care of all the details, making the entire deployment and management simple and straight forward. With extensive experience, our technicians integrate each component into a turkey system designed to revolutionize the way remote camp operators address the market and manage their business.

We take care of all the details for the remote camp operator,

giving you, and your guests, the peace of mind you need.

Here's what our clients have to say...

  • Gold Stars Clear

    "I wish I knew about you guys years ago!"

    New Orleans, LA

  • Gold Stars Clear

    "I want to personally Thank all of you for your continued dedication to [our company].  It is because of your efforts on and off site that we were able to finish just in the nick of time."

    Pecos, Texas

  • Gold Stars Clear

    "I am always blown away by how quickly CampTek responds to any issues or help we might need. Excellent support!"

    Fort McMurray, AB

  • Gold Stars Clear

    "The internet, cell phone service and satellite television are the basic amenities that these oil and gas workers take for granted, and the manner in which we all respond to disruptions in service is critical. Together as a team we were able to solve this problem. Thank you for your "on the spot" attention to this matter. It is a pleasure to work with your company."

    Williston, North Dakota

  • Gold Stars Clear

    "Your team did an excellent job getting the Network finalized under a very tight schedule. If it were not for them working through the night under very cold conditions, sometimes in the mud underneath the buildings, our Grand Opening would have been delayed."

    Pecos, Texas

  • Gold Stars Clear

    I believe today, great service is the most important thing a company can offer. I can’t say enough about your guys. They have become like family and yours is a company I trust in keeping the service going for our clients. Very important! So THANK YOU!

    Anzac, AB

  • Gold Stars Clear

    People and human nature dictate that we always get complaints but not enough positive. [We] just wanted to say thanks. It is so nice to not have the constant complaints about the Internet!

    Fort McMurray, AB

  • Gold Stars Clear

    "You have an awesome team to be proud of."

    Jal, NM

  • Gold Stars Clear

    "[CampTek] has done everything we have asked of you and done it well for the last four plus years."

    Fort McMurray, AB

  • Gold Stars Clear

    "Just wanted to thank your team for the excellent job in getting connectivity up and running for our server and from office workstations. When CampTek installs the permanent network infrastructure, I look forward to working with your team onsite."

    Anzac, Alberta